Real Estate/Listing Photography

Base pricing includes up to 30 high resolution images from the property gallery. Should your listing benefit from more than 30, additional photos can be purchased.
**Please see below for appointment requirements..**

Starting at $360

Photography + Staging

Need some help? A. Marie Imagery has teamed up with Blue Ridge Interiors to offer owner-occupied staging consultations. Base package includes up to 30 photos (minimum) and a 2 hour initial walk through/detailed report by Blue Ridge Interiors.

Starting at $675

Ala Carte

Need something a bit more special than just the basics? A. Marie Imagery also offers twilight photos, property websites, brochures, subcontracted aerial photography, commercial copyright license options for purchased images and more.

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For pricing of Family, Maternity, Newborn and Senior photography, please contact A. Marie Imagery to discuss individual sessions and options.

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FAQ - real estate

How and where can i use the photos?

Real estate/listing images are only to be used for the marketing of the current ACTIVE listing. This can be through the MLS (Bright) and platforms drawing from the MLS (think Zillow, Redfin, etc..), social media, print advertising, email campaigns, etc. If you're using the image to directly promote the sale of the property, it can be used (without being edited/cropped/watermark removed) pretty much however you'd like. If you're hoping to use the image to promote something OTHER THAN the marketing of the ACTIVE listing (such as yourself via blog post or social media), you'll need to purchase the additional commercial license for the individual image.

Can I share or resell the photos?

At the risk of sounding harsh, the answer is "No". The base price for photos provides a limited usage agreement/license between the Realtor and A. Marie Imagery ONLY. Any third parties (homeowners, stagers, contractors, landscapers, etc..) will need to contact A. Marie Imagery to purchase them directly.

When will we get our photos?

A. Marie Imagery requests a 48 hour turnaround. Generally speaking however, the photos are finished and uploaded to a secure gallery the day following our appointment. *If you are facing a deadline and simply can't run this risk of having to wait 48 hours, I will work tirelessly to make it happen, but have learned never to make promises. Please let me know if this is the case prior to our appointment.

how will we get our photos?

When your images are completed and the gallery created, you'll receive an emailed invitation to view them. From that, you'll be able to download directly to your computer. I'll use the number of your downloads to determine the invoice amount. It's really pretty simple!

What can we do to ensure the best photos possible?

Preparing the property for sale is best left up to the Realtor and/or Stager. My advice here: follow their advice. Not just because it makes sense for the sale in general, but also because I don't fancy myself a good 'decorator'. I'm terrible, really. So do everything possible to make the house shine for photo day before I arrive. For many reasons, A. Marie Imagery will not photograph with anyone on site (without previously agreeing to it) or loose pets. Please clear the house of all people, and contain any pets or take them on a field trip, before our scheduled appointment time. I'll use a lockbox to gain entry. *I do realize there are extenuating circumstances and a people/pet free environment isn't always possible. Please discuss these circumstances when setting up your appointment, so I can schedule accordingly. Prior to my arrival, please make sure all of the lights are on (the blades on the ceiling fans need to be off, but the light on), window coverings pushed back, blinds pulled all the way up not just open, cars out of the driveway, trash cans out of sight, counters and vanities cleared of all unnecessary items and personal hygiene, etc. Anything you don't want photographed needs to be removed from the property or stored in a closet/garage or wherever you can find the space. Which, I know, isn't always easy after decluttering. But every detail matters! For liability and insurance purposes, A. Marie Imagery does not move any items or prepare the home for photos. Breaking a window because the blinds fell while I was opening them for a client was no fun...and I really don't wanna go through THAT again. :-P

What if mother nature isn't playing nice on photo day?

The weather. Most of the time, it cooperates. Some times it doesn't. A. Marie Imagery reserves the right to postpone any scheduled appointments due to inclement weather (rain or snow) if the quality of the photos will be compromised or safety during travel is an issue. In the event it is raining or snowing or just plain ugly out, and the call has been made to postpone by either A. Marie Imagery or the client, the property will be rescheduled to the first available spot. At times this is the next day, other times it can be 2-3 days. Rest assured, your postponed property takes priority, and I will do everything possible to get it back on the schedule right away.

Appointment Requirements

1.) A. Marie Imagery will not photograph with anyone on site. Please instruct all parties to leave the property *15 minutes prior to my arrival*. I am more than happy to contact the agent or owners upon my departure, so the owners aren't spending unnecessary time outside their home.

2.) For business insurance purposes, I will not be touching anything on site. All lights must be turned on, blinds pulled up, ceiling fan blades turned off (but lights on!) and the house shoot ready.

3.) Please notify me immediately if any occupants of the property have exhibited signs of the flu or COVID-19, been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been ill at any time in the 7 days leading up to our appointment. I have never charged a cancellation/reschedule fee, and if the home is rescheduled prior to my arrival, there will be no fee due.

4.) If you would like more than the usual 30 photos, or social media content, please let me know ahead of time. If not, I will only be providing the usual 30 listing photos.

5.) I realize there are extenuating circumstances at times. Prior to scheduling, please reach out to me directly to discuss any properties where adhering to the above requirements cannot be met.

β€œ"Annie is not just our photographer, she is an important part of our team. It’s not just the technical excellence and the sheer beauty of the photography and websites she creates, it is the care with which she approaches each project. Annie is also one of just a handful of people I consult with about business decisions. I know she always has my best interests at heart."”