Please read the following:

1.) A. Marie Imagery will not photograph with anyone on site. Please instruct all parties to leave the property *15 minutes prior to my arrival*. I am more than happy to contact the agent or owners upon my departure, so the owners aren't spending unnecessary time outside their home.

2.) For business insurance purposes, I will not be touching anything on site. All lights must be turned on, blinds pulled up, ceiling fan blades turned off (but lights on!) and the house shoot ready.

3.) Please notify me immediately if any occupants of the property have exhibited signs of the flu or COVID-19, been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been ill at any time in the 7 days leading up to our appointment. I have never charged a cancellation/reschedule fee, and if the home is rescheduled prior to my arrival, there will be no fee due.

4.) If you would like more than the usual 30 photos, or social media content, please let me know ahead of time. If not, I will only be providing the usual 30 listing photos.

5.) I realize there are extenuating circumstances at times. Prior to scheduling, please reach out to me directly to discuss any properties where adhering to the above requirements cannot be met.